May 24, 2020 – Garden Potatoes

We harvested potatoes today.

Potatoes are simple to grow. You need well-draining soil and some sort of raised garden bed or container.

Potatoes are a spring crop here in the south. You start with “seed potatoes”.

We planted here on March 12, 2020.

You can see the eyes sprouting. If you’ve ever left potatoes too long on the pantry, you’ve seen them sprout.

We planted them a bit thick because my potatoes didn’t all come up last year.

However, this year they ALL sprouted into beautiful green plants.

This is from April 2, just 3 weeks after planting.

April 19, the plants started putting on beautiful pale purple blooms.

This is an indication of the potatoes growing and spreading under ground.

These are the plants 2 months after planting, on May 7.

You can see the potatoes growing. The plants will begin to wilt and die when the potatoes are ready.

We decided to dig the plants up on May 24, and here’s the crop:

Happy gardening!

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