March 24, 2020 – Surgical Masks

Yesterday Landry and I began making surgical masks for health care workers.

As veterinarians, we have given up a lot of our equipment so that it can be diverted to the human side.

I found these which are recommended by a human hospital. Landry is part of the 4-H sewing club, so she can cut our fabric and sew these herself. We are taking turns cutting and sewing.

The YouTube link and the printable pattern is at the end if you would like to try some yourself.

People are very grateful for them.

Please keep the faith, check on people (a phone call is great), and be kind.  Everyone is a bit stressed.

I will do a garden update later. The beans have sprouted and we have potato plants coming up.

Click to access OlsonMask_wPattern_v3-USE%20THIS%20ONE.pdf

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