March 22, 2020 – The Barn Stories

I have decided to read a book from the barn when I can. I hope you will enjoy the story and get a glimpse of rural life in the process.

I also wanted to share this video of a water snake by our patio. It’s just a harmless water snake looking for frogs and lizards.

We watched it for a while until it slithered away.

This weekend I have worked the veterinary Emergency Room. It’s always busy and the quarantine hasn’t made much difference in our workload. More veterinary clinics are closing or only being open for limited hours. We must keep the emergency room open for sick, injured, and critical patients.

Please be sure to have someone else bring your pet to the veterinarian if you are sick. We can’t afford to lose our staff to illness. We need everyone healthy so we can still be available for our patients.

Here’s story time from the barn:

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