March 17, 2020 – Farm School

Today I actually recorded an episode of “Farm School” – which is a peek into how we homeschool. As everyone is quarantined at home these days, I’d like to share some fun animal faces and facts with you. I will also share some random educational items as we go along.

Here are some other photos from around the farm just so you can see what’s happening.

Elvis, our crossbred boar
Smoked deer sausage
I’m very excited to be learning animal chiropractic treatment

Combining life with education really is the fun way to learn.

Here is my first clip which I posted on YouTube:

Please feel free to request specific topics that I can cover. I have taught my own children plus numerous others over the last 15 years. I can make “tutoring” videos on any topic for you. Simply leave a comment.

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