Feb 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

We are spending a lovely day together as a family and with our friends in the pig barn.

Duroc barrow (castrated male) named Woody.

We have a theme every year for pig names. This year Landry chose Toy Story.

Spot gilt (young female) named Bullseye.

Crossbred barrow named Andy.

Crossbred barrow named Slinky.

Crossbred gilt named Jessie.

It’s a smelly day, but a day full of friends and laughs and fun. Along with a bit of hard work.

Hope your day is blessed with the same!

And, yes, most of these pigs will go to the slaughter house next week.

No, it’s not a shame. It’s a wonderful few months of the best life for these pigs. They know no stress and have had the best of care. They will produce a superior quality meat to feed families who cared for them so well.

All food animals should have such a sweet life.

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