Feb 1 – Livestock Kids

We have been at our district livestock show the past 3 days.

If you know me at all, you know I’m a huge advocate for 4-H and FFA, especially in the livestock arena.

Young people who participate in the livestock arena learn so many valuable life skills. They learn to help one another. They learn to care for a living creature that doesn’t say thank you nor cooperate some of the time.

They learn how to recover from a loss, put a smile on, and go to the next thing. They learn how to have good sportsmanship. They learn how to lose with dignity and win with humility.

They get exercise and fresh air. They clean up, show up, and keep their chin up. They learn to say thank you to their parents, veterinarians, Ag teachers, and all others who help them, pay for feed, and support their efforts.

They know how to be prepare themselves and their animals. They learn how to talk to a superior (aka the judge). They learn how to look an adult in the eye and explain things about that animal.

They learn that life is fragile, animals die, and how to be attentive to signs of illness. They learn compassion for both their animals and their fellow humans.

It is a way of life that is good for everyone involved.

If you are a supporter of livestock events in your area, thank you.

We couldn’t raise these great kiddos without community involvement and support!

The livestock shows are a place where focus, family, faith, friends, and fun melt into a wonderful experience for everyone.

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