Bolivia Swine Improvement Mission

All of these years of raising pigs, and God finds a way to use it to help people.

Dr Coalson Lacey has asked me to travel to Bolivia in November to teach at the University and plan a swine improvement plan for the rural areas.

Veterinary missions are near and dear to my heart because it is investing in long-term sustainability for community improvements.

“I have been talking to Dr. Sonya Brouillette from SE Louisiana about a trip to Bolivia in the middle of November to help with a need for a veterinarian with knowledge of pig breeding, artificial insemination and overall swine care in hot, humid environments to partner with a Samaritan’s Purse project going on outside of Trinidad, Bolivia.”

I’d love it if you could help support this project. It will be a long term project. If you want to help me in this endeavor, I will keep you informed of all the happenings while I’m there and plans for the future.

Thank you for your prayers!!

Donors can give to your account online at / Donate Now / Short-Term Missions / Give to an Individual.

My account number is UCVSTM1907

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