What Not to Feed Your Dog: Chicken Edition

Everyone loves chicken!

I say that often. We make chicken nuggets, chicken stir fry, fried chicken, chicken wings, orange chicken, baked chicken…

The list is endless.

When dogs are sick and need a bland diet, sometimes they can eat boiled chicken and rice – but only meat (Preferably white meat), no seasoning, no skin and definitely no bones.

Chicken bones are especially dangerous to dogs because they are light, thin, and hollow. When dogs crunch them, those bones tend to splinter.

Bone splinters can get caught all kinds of places in the digestive tract.

Here is a photo of a radiograph that includes the shard of chicken bone that was lodged in this dog’s throat.

He got into the garbage can and ate chicken wings.

This dog had to be fully sedated and the bone was able to be removed with a pair of forceps.

If it had been any further, there was a risk of an esophagus tear, which is a major medical issue.

Once in the intestines, the bones can actually penetrate the intestines, causing leakage into the abdomen. This is life threatening and requires immediate emergency surgery.

Fried foods can cause pancreatic inflammation. This will cause vomiting and diarrhea which can require hospitalization on IV fluids.

You also must watch for ingredients that the chicken has been prepared with.

Garlic, onions, chives, and other members of that plant family can all be toxic to dogs if ingested in large amounts.

The safest thing to do for your dog is stick to approved, high-quality pet foods as recommended by your veterinarian.

Don’t end up in the Emergency Room!

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