Spring is Here!

I begin by apologizing for my delayed absence. We have been busy with livestock shows, rodeos, baseball games, soccer, and more. I’ve been doing a bit more vet work, so my schedule has been full. But I am committing to post twice a week at minimum.

Sunday we were at a high school rodeo where my middle son participated in calf roping.

The weather is beautiful, all of the plants are sprouting, and we have 3 sows due to farrow.

The pear tree.

One of the fig trees

These are baby tomatoes sprouting from last year’s fallen seeds. I will allow them to grow, then transplant as needed for space.

The green onions are back up and beginning to bloom. Once they flower out, we will dig the bulbs and dry them to replant this fall.

We have a new toy Australian Shepherd puppy named “Ellie Mae Rose”.

We recently got a new Brahma calf to raise for a friend. She was abandoned by her young mother.

I’ll post separately about her. She’s adorable.

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