Eclipse in the Pig Barn

Did you get to experience the eclipse on Monday?  

We had our glasses and watched from home here in south Louisiana. We were able to view about 80% which would have only been better at 100%. But it was so interesting for us!!

We had a sow that farrowed Monday, so I spent a good bit of time between the house and the barn. 

Our barn has a few pinholes in the roof, which inadvertently made really neat viewing for the eclipse. 

Here’s a photo of the concrete floor. 

Here’s a video of a piglet playing in the shadow of one of those eclipse holes. It’s fun!

We have appropriately 50 piglets right now, 4 weaned litters and 3 still nursing. 

Here’s the cross litter that was born that eclipse Monday:

I’ve been treating a good many abscesses lately, so I’ll blog about that soon!

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