Fall Planting

It’s already mid-August!  My mom always said,”The older you get, the faster time goes.”  That has proven true over the years. 

We have 6 litters of piglets born and growing well. Only one sow left that is due in about a week. 

That is the Duroc litter. 

Here are some random baby pig pics. Because they are adorable. 

Today I am pulling out all of the spent tomato plants and putting in green onions. 

The chickens are out and about, helping me freshen up the soil. I’ll have to find a way to keep them out after I plant. Otherwise, I’ll have to keep them penned up. 

I’m leveling my soil back out, setting the onion bulbs, and covering back over with the clean-out from the chicken pens. 

These hens are extremely interested in my freshly turned soil. This may get tricky. 

So the onion bulbs are set, covered with chicken litter, and covered with wire. I’m leaving the center for a few other fall crops like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, spinach, and carrots. I’ll see what we can get in this small space. 

I’ll keep you posted!!

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