Horse Head Laceration

Owen went to get his mare, Cotton, to rope calves. When he brought her out of the stall, he came and told me she had a cut on her head. This is what it looked like:

It didn’t look bad until I cleaned it up to see what had happened. 

I sedated her and really cleaned it out, scraping the top layer of contamination off. 

Then I numbed it with lidocaine, which is the same thing the dentist uses to numb your mouth for dental work. 

Then I sutured it back together again. Here are my instruments:

And the suture:

Here she is being sutured back together. 

And this is after I was finished. It took 8 stitches. 

That was on Saturday. Today is Monday, and it’s healing quite nicely. 

Stitches will come out in 7-10 days, and by the way it looks, likely we will be on the 7 day plan. 


  1. Hello Dr Sonya,

    My daughter is wondering about taking an online vet related class. She is going to be in 8th grade so not complicated. Do you have anything like this or can recommend something for her?

    Thanks so much,




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