Valentine Gifts on the Farm


When your family shows cows, your husband may fill your semen tank for a very well-thought-out Valentine’s Day gift.  Marty got up early Valentine’s Day morning to meet our Select Sires man to refill my tank with both dairy and beef semen straws, plus a refill on liquid nitrogen.


Landry’s Ayrshire Heifer will be bred to Reagan this summer – an Ayrshire bull.


Owen’s Jersey heifer is 15 months old and we will breed her this next heat cycle.  Likely to Colton, a nice Jersey bull.


We actually sold Josey, the yearling heifer that Paycen showed this year.  We have a few too many, and she found a really nice home where she can be a backyard pet cow for someone who would like a milk cow but also a pet.  She’s  a super sweet girl and I ‘m happy she has a nice, loving home.

We also got a few straws of Brangus semen, to breed our half Jersey, half Hereford cow.  Should make a nice beef replacement heifer or steer to eat.

What did you get for Valentine’s Day??

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