August Farm Happenings – Aug 2, 2021

We have had such a whirlwind of a summer!

It’s time to settle back in for the school year.

We have two gilts (young female pigs) that are due to farrow (give birth) today.

They are all set up in the farrowing crates, which are akin to hospital beds.

The moms have room to move around, eat and sleep, but not hurt their babies.

Plus it give everyone a safe space if she needs help with delivery.

I induced labor on both of these girls on their due date. I do so because it allows monitoring and the babies don’t get too big. Big piglets are at a higher risk of complications during birth.

I will expect early labor signs today, with piglets born in 24-36 hours.

I will update tomorrow.

As for the rest of the farm, we have an entire okra garden, a cow due soon, and a rodeo college boy to get packed up, along with his two horses.

Okra with chickens hiding underneath.

We also have pumpkin plants growing, which we planted a bit late. Hopefully we will have pumpkins in October, but we will have them for November either way.

On the he school front, we will be starting up our homeschooling curriculum soon.

We chose Bob Jones online distance learning this year. I can hardly believe I only have one left at home!

May your fall be cool and colorful.

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