Winter Storm – Feb 15, 2021

We have been busy here! It’s our livestock show season, and we have been hauling and showing both dairy cattle and pigs.

This winter storm has hit with a vengeance. We rarely have overnight freezing temperatures.

We have fruit trees that have been producing for many years.

I’m afraid we may lose the big navel orange trees.

Our cows are frozen. Our horses are blanketed and in the barn. The pigs are bedded deep in shavings in their barn.

We have had to turn off all water running to the barn. We have big buckets of water and are using bucket heaters to heat the water so we can use it.

I took my electric kettle to the barn to thaw the chicken waterers.

We are predicted to get 14°F tonight. We have never seen those low of temperatures in my lifetime. At least not that I can remember.

At least we do have a fireplace and our electricity is staying on.

Y’all pray for those without power and without a way to keep warm. And put feet to your prayers. Cal people to check on them. Offer extra firewood if you have it. Bring a hot meal if you are able. Take care of yourself and your neighbors!

This should be gone in another day or two.

Stay warm!

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