Dog Kinesiology Tape – Jan 20, 2021

Have you had any experience with kinesiology tape? You will see it used in athletes, runners, and physical therapy sessions.

Today, we have kinesiology tape specifically made for horses. It’s specially made to adhere to hair. As a veterinarian who does the work of a dog chiropractor, I use this tape often.

This tape is made with spandex fibers which allow it to stretch like leggings. When applied to areas of swelling, tension, or nerve damage, it helps to support and activate or calm nerve fibers.

It can aide in tissue lymph drainage, support weak tissue, and stimulate the nervous system or help to calm nerves, depending on the application.

Kinesiology tape works well after chiropractic adjustment and laser therapy. Both chiropractic and laser make big changes, and the kinesiology tape helps support those changes and extend the length of the treatments.

Support for an arthritic hip.

Hip dysplasia in older dogs can be painful and inhibit mobility. Chiropractic care helps increase the range of motion in the hips, laser therapy helps to relax the muscles and break down scar tissue, and kinesiology tape helps extend the length and depth of the treatment.

Chronic stifle injury
Lumbar spine rehabilitation

Seek out a certified veterinarian or chiropractor in your area who does the work of a dog chiropractor. Get the best care for your furry friend.

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