Two Mississippi Museums – Jan 5, 2021

Field Trip Day!

Today our homeschool group loaded up and headed to Jackson, MS to visit the Museum of Mississippi History and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.

Both museums are housed together in one beautiful building with a single admission fee and an attached parking garage that is free.

Architectural Dig Site

The MS History Museum is so well done with great explanations and interactive exhibits. The students were all engaged and learning for an entire hour and a half.

It is set up in time periods which makes it easier to take in.

The Civil Rights Museum is even more active and interactive.

There are lots of sounds and recreations including a school room, a jail, a bus, voice recordings, and more.

My 8th grader has been studying American history from WWII forward. She is so excited to see everything she has learned coming to life.

She knows about this part of history, and here it is tangible.

This exhibit is so very well done.

Please put it in your agenda, especially for students junior high and above. There is a lot of true violence and ugliness that small children may not be ready to understand.

We will visit another museum this afternoon to see an art exhibit. I will report on that as well.

Study history – it’s imperative for our future.

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