Nov 30, 2020 – So Long November

Wow. It’s the final day of the eleventh month of this crazy year. Only December to go.

It’s a beautiful, chilly day.

We have all been stretched this year. Some of it has been good, some not so good. But it has all brought us to a different place than we were.

I have actually gotten healthier. I have slowed down enough to focus on my health. My husband and I got a gym membership and are going regularly.

Today we are cleaning up and bringing in the Christmas tree. We have a live Frazier Fir this year.

I grew up with an artificial tree and once I moved out on my own, I swore I’d always have a real tree. They smell so good!

I stuck to that until I had my 3rd child. Suddenly a real tree didn’t matter so much anymore. Just the fact that I had a tree up and mostly decorated was quite enough.

We went through a phase of artificial tree, then back to real trees. It’s just so difficult to beat a real, scented tree. It’s also much more environmentally friendly to grow trees for Christmas rather than manufacture them out of metal and plastic.

Today my eldest leaves to go back to college after the Thanksgiving break. We love having him home, and we love having his little Schnauzer here as well.

Frazier the college frat dog

It’s cold today, and we have a fire going. That’s another thing I prefer: Real logs and a real fireplace.

We cut down a giant tree that was leaning this summer. We split the wood and stacked it. We will have enough wood to keep our electricity bill as low as possible, while using a renewable resource to supply heat.

Tomorrow is Dec 1, and we will begin our Advent tradition.

We have read Luke for many years now. Luke has 24 chapters – one for each day leading up to Christmas.

This year I am setting the goal of blogging Luke each day.

Happy Christmas Season!

My daughter has a newfound wood burning hobby.

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