Nov 5, 2020 – Printable English Language Worksheets

I’d like to give you a quick resource for helpful ELA printable worksheets.

These are great for a classroom, a homeschool co-op, or simply extra help when your student needs it.

The website is

The description goes like this:

“Welcome to K12reader’s FREE printable worksheets and articles! Learn about Personification or how a Metaphor is used, and about grammar concepts like common nounspredicatestransition words, and the prepositional phrase. Print worksheets on almost any reading and writing topic like noun worksheetskindergarten worksheets , 1st grade spelling words, and even cursive letters!”

Today I am using a sentence diagramming worksheet – and there is one to simply explain diagramming WITH all the answers given for you, an autumn acrostic worksheet, and a narrative voice worksheet.

You can choose spelling word lists for kindergarten through high school as well. Those can be difficult to find.

This website is a very handy resource, and I hope you will keep it bookmarked for all of your English Language needs.

A quick plug for one of my favorite children’s authors.

This is Pico.

People identify with animals easily. Writing needs to begin with something that interests your students.

Can they describe this animal?

What is he thinking?

Why is his tongue out?

What just happened?

Words are truly mightier than the sword. Help your students use them well.

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