Sept 26, 2020 – Homeschool and Dual-Enrollment

I want to share an amazing resource for your high school homeschooling students.

Most colleges, especially community colleges, offer dual enrollment classes to high school students at a significantly decreased price.

What are dual enrollment classes?

Well, they are classes that count as high school classes AND college classes. So your students are earning both high school and college credits at the same time.

It’s is a fabulous way to get college classes early and inexpensively.

Our local community colleges offer dual enrollment classes for $50 per credit hour. My high school Senior is taking 6 college credit hours for $300 plus books.

He will finish those hours in November and take 6-9 more in the spring.

Your student will have an advisor to help with scheduling and prerequisites. The advisor should be able to help with professor selection, class scheduling, and credit transfer to a different college.

I am not a proponent of finishing college or high school early. I do think this is a great way to prepare your student for college classes while still at home. They can adapt slowly with your support. This also gives them time to explore classes and change majors while still graduating in 4 years.

Maturity level is a big part of college. I think that’s just as important as education.

So please do take advantage of your ability to introduce your student to college classes while in high school. But don’t push them to graduate early unless they want to. Self-motivated students are likely to go on into Masters programs and PhD programs.

In that case, “graduating early” will simply decrease their time spent in college as well as college costs.

I finished my undergraduate early, but I still spent 4 additional years in Vet School. Graduate school takes more time and, in that case, getting those college credits in high school can give your student a big leg-up in life.

Check into your local college dual enrollment classes. It’s a great investment for your high school junior or senior.

Happy Fall!

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