Sept 24, 2020 – The Greatness of the COVID Generation

Many people are worried about schoolwork and learning for students right now. The concern is valid, but only in the sense of our narrow definition of education.

No one can argue that today’s students are stressed and anxious. The educational requirements have narrowed to a very specific set of classes and test scores.

Meanwhile, most don’t know how to do laundry, cook a meal, or go on a job interview.

These COVID times are challenging our concept of education. Parents are suddenly very involved in their children’s education. Children are learning how to adjust, self-teach, plan for uncertain schedules, and interact with others in a new way.

We are discovering that there are so many great options for educating our students. Individualized learning is making huge advances and our children will benefit from it.

The books and items in this post are easily available and inexpensive at Sam’s Club. Places like Dollar Tree, bookstores, Walmart, and Target all carry educational materials right now.

Arts, gymnastics, writing, specialty sciences, cooking and culinary arts are all being offered as homeschooling classes.

Places like museums and historical sites and science centers are getting involved in educational classes and programs.

I know it’s different educating today than it was at this time last year, but that’s not altogether negative.

Libraries are coming back to the center of learning. Education is being put out front instead of being pushed to the side because “someone else is doing it”.

A plethora of informational videos are available on YouTube and Discovery channel and your public broadcasting station.

Don’t be overwhelmed or upset about the changes in the education environment. Instead, embrace the new and encourage your children to see the positive in all things.

Grab your library card and enjoy!!

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