August 26, 2020 – Fried Okra

Well, since I picked all the okra, I decided to let y’all know how I cook it.

In Louisiana, you will find okra pickled, fried, and tossed into a pot of gumbo. Tonight I fried a big batch.

We only cut off and toss the tops. We keep the ends and my kiddos fight over them.

I slice them up. Thinner slices for bigger okra, thicker slices for smaller okra.

Then they go into a batter bowl with Louisiana Chicken Fry.

We use this for everything from chicken to okra. You can batter anything with chicken fry.

After it’s all coated, I drop it into shallow grease. You can use deep fry, but you will have to toss your grease after cooking okra this way.

Since it’s only moisture from the okra holding the batter, a lot will fall off into the grease.

This is the last few pieces. You can see how much has fallen off.

Here is a quick video of it frying.

I only do one layer at a time, then flip after one side browns.

After it’s cooked, I transfer it onto a plate with paper towels to absorb any extra grease.

Then, just because we love spicy food here, I sprinkle it with a taste of Tony’s.

This may be too much for people who don’t love spicy food.

The chicken fry is already seasoned.

Then serve it up!

Happy eating!

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