July 23, 2020 – Bones/Osteology

We have been in Oklahoma for the National High School Rodeo Finals. While in our hotel, I saw an advertisement for skeleton museum. I’m a veterinarian, an Anatomy teacher, and I am nearing completion of an animal chiropractic certification, so this is my sweet spot.


I went alone because I really wanted to enjoy it at my leisure. I spent a solid 2 hours in that wonderful place. It is so well planned out with each scientific class grouped together.

They have everything from a full whale skeleton to a tiny mouse skeleton. They have sloths, monkeys, horses, capybaras, fish, giraffes, and so much more!

If you have a student who is interested in anatomy or medicine or becoming a veterinarian, I would recommend this place as a field trip.

I would be sure you have spent time studying comparative anatomy prior to your visit. Have a journal handy to take notes with plenty of room for drawing pictures.

Bring a camera. I took so many pictures!

This trip will look very different for different ages. It may overwhelm you. Simply follow your student’s interests and go from there.

Here’s the information:

And they have a bone box program!

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