July 15, 2020 – Homeschooling and High School Graduation

Questions abound when it comes to homeschooling high school. People have been indoctrinated to think that only a “real” school can issue a diploma.

The truth is that most states consider a homeschool issued diploma equivalent to any public or private school diploma.

Here in Louisiana, our law says this:

“Students in a home study program are not required to take state assessments.

Diplomas awarded through an approved home study program are recognized by all post-secondary educational institutions.”

My eldest son is an upcoming junior at Louisiana Tech. He graduated with a “homeschool diploma”. That simply means I completed his transcript, sent in his dual enrollment classes to the college, and his ACT score was good.

Both LSU and Tech accepted his homeschool transcript – printed by me from my computer at my house, and both offered scholarships.

He is on full academic scholarship at Tech. He has never taken an “accredited” or “state approved” class other than his dual enrollment classes from the local community college.

We celebrated his graduation with a cook out at our house for all of his friends, and later a family dinner at a fancy restaurant.

He did not wish to participate in a graduation ceremony. There are ceremonies available if you want to participate in those.

Some co-ops hold small ceremonies, and some larger homeschool groups offer large, traditional ceremonies.

You can choose your own way to honor your graduate.

I have put pictures throughout this blog of his first two years at college. I hope you can see how his social skills and education have been tailored to his needs. He is flourishing.

I have many friends with teens who are cutting, taking anti-depression meds, and are totally lost in life. These things are a result of peer pressure, anxiety, and self-doubt.

Your teenager does NOT need to experience these things to get a wonderful education.

Homeschooling high school has allowed my children to walk forward confidently by knowing who they are and not being beat up by our current public school problems.

Some children flourish in public schools, but many do not. It is NOT necessary for your child to have a government run education in a place they don’t feel safe or secure.

Please don’t hesitate to homeschool your student right up to college. They will love you for it!!!

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