April 4, 2020 – Horse Club

Are you experiencing any “cabin fever”?

We are a very active family, participating in 4-H livestock, junior leaders, horse club, sewing club and more. We are normally at a rodeo or two every weekend. We have people in and out of our farm almost daily.

We are now beginning our 4th week of all activities being cancelled for us. We have rebuilt fence, cut grass, cleaned house, homeschooled, watched live church through YouTube, and every other thing we have on our “to-do” list.

We are still making face masks in every spare moment.

Tomorrow I will work a small animal emergency shift, where owners call in, we have a technician go to the car and retrieve the pet, then I can do an exam, then call the owner and do all communication over the phone. It’s difficult but we are still able to provide services to our 4-legged companions and be as safe as we can be.

In order to try and carry on some semblance of routine, I’ve been trying to record a topic of interest to my 4-H Horse Club members. Today I used Trouble, our 5 yr old quarter horse mare, to talk about haltering a horse vs. using a bridle and give some basic grooming and safety information.

I hope you enjoy!

Stay safe out there. I hope you have a church family to join online Sunday.

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