March 25, 2020 – Dirt Work

Today we broke a pond lever so it can be fixed. Tree roots are causing the pond to leak, which changes it from a life -sustaining water supply into a big mud hole.

I know this is posting April 2, but with the current status of the internet, it took me a while to get the videos together and loaded. It really happened on March 25.

My boys absolutely adored watching dump trucks and backhoes when they were young.

We also had a load of sand delivered for our roping lane expansion.

I compiled the videos into one larger one so that I could share them with you. At the end, you will see our Ayrshire heifer, Noel, and our Jersey heifer, Chilly, playing in the new sand. And yes, the sand is “red” from a red clay dirt pit.

I hope you have children who will enjoy this!

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