March 1, 2020 – Geocaching

Happy Spring! We had an absolutely gorgeous day today. It has been mostly rainy, bleak, cold, and muddy in February. I was so excited when Punxsutawney Phil declared an early spring this year.

We had a busy weekend. Owen entered his first amatuer circuit rodeo this weekend in Marshall, Texas on Friday night. He placed 2nd in bareback for the night and 4th overall for the weekend. Then we had a high school rodeo Saturday night. He placed 2nd in the bareback there as well. He’s working hard to get better daily.


Landry has discovered geocaching. We spent a few hours today touring our town looking for geocaches. She and a friend has so much fun. They used their brains, got great exercise and a good dose of sunshine.

They did find out that some people move the caches around and make them more difficult to find. They also discovered that some geocaches are no longer active, and some are hidden in areas that you have to pay to enter. It was a fun and educational experience.

We tilled up two raised garden beds as well. Owen and Landry will both be in a Master Gardener’s program that monitors their garden progress and helps with questions they may have. There is a competition for all the students entered which rewards the best tended garden.

A winter of neglect
After a weed eater and a tiller

In my Bible reading, there is something that I’ve never really contemplated before. When God gives the rules about sacrifices and priests, He makes sure that the priests are well “paid” for their services to the temple. They are to receive a good portion of the offerings. Enough to feed them and their entire families. We get a little hung up these days about how much money a pastor should make. I think God wants them to not have to worry about bills or food for their families. He wants them to be able to focus on His work and pastoring the people.

Of course the pastor must be held accountable for good stewardship, but I think we must not give begrudgingly. God wants us to give and past that, it’s between God and the church to use the money wisely.

Happy March everyone!

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