Feb 8, 2020 – State Livestock Show

We are back in the big barn with our dairy cows.

There are also students here with sheep, goats, and poultry.

We are about to feed the cows, let the calves nurse, then go to the chicken barn to cheer for our friends there.

I will share some of the fun and odd birds from the barn.

Araucana – white – bantam. I know some men who would be jealous of that facial feature.

Bearded partridge silkie rooster

Bearded Mille Fleur d,Uccle pullet

These are tiny birds.

Black feather leg pullet Frizzle

Golden seabright cockerel (baby rooster)

He was a very photogenic bird.

Cornish hen! (Blue laced red)

Two varieties of polish (and yes, there are beaks and eyes in all those feathers).

d’Anvers Quail Belgian bearded pullet

Black rosecomb rooster bantam

Spanish white faced black cockerel – standard size.

I think I would call him conquistador.

Buttercup Sicilian. Buttercup describes the comb type.

I think buttercup is a great name because she reminds me of my jersey cows! And I need a chicken with cheetah print feathers…

I’ll stop now. I could go on forever. And just think that all of these birds were developed from the two chickens that provided eggs on Noah’s ark!

God put so much ability for change in DNA.

I’ll update tomorrow with miniature cattle and sheep and goats.

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