Jan 21, 2020 – Time Out to Regroup

Life is chaotic. Sometimes we just need to stop and focus. My house has been a massive disaster over the past few weeks. Livestock shows, homeschooling, farm animals, laundry, veterinary medicine, mom, wife, food… The list keeps going.

Owen is ready to go inside after cleaning the barn. Eggs in hand.

Tuesday became a cleaning day. Time to scrub toilets, change sheets, sweep and mop, put away laundry, and get things back in order before we start again. I do have a friend whom I pay to come help me when it’s time to deep clean.

I always tell people that a housekeeper is cheaper than a divorce. Help is always a relief to your household and the stress levels of everyone. Especially with two working parents. It’s ok to pay for laundry service, housekeeping, yard maintenance, and anything else that is causing chaos in your life.

We are a Dave Ramsey family, so we always are able to budget where help is needed and not feel guilty about paying someone else to do the work. It makes life much simpler and less stressful.

Heat lamps outside of the pens because pigs are curious and are big enough to reach up and crunch on a light bulb or an electrical cord. They are naughty.

It has been cold the past few days. The horses have had blankets on and the pigs have had heat lamps at night.

What does the fox say?

I attended a continuing education meeting tonight. Veterinarians are required to have 21 hours of class time to keep up with changes in medicine and surgery. Meetings are held throughout the year, both locally and nationally. It’s nice to gather, learn, and see colleagues and friends.

Genesis is complete today. It ends with Jacob dying and his sons promising to take him back to Mamre in the family tomb. I find it interesting that this is the first mention of embalming a body. Which is good because they mourned for 70 days before they even began the trip to go back and bury him. There is a Jacob mummy somewhere out there…

At the very end of Genesis, Joseph dies as well. He doesn’t have anyone take his body, only make the Israelites swear to carry his bones up from Egypt when they leave. This suggests that the Egyptians had not found another to take Joseph’s place. No one was that high up in the palace to ask a party to leave and go bury his body in the family tomb.

It’s beginning to look a bit questionable for the Israelites’ future in Egypt.

Let the Exodus begin!

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