Jan 6, 2020 – You are never too old

Today was a busy but relatively quiet Monday. I spent the day with my family, doing farm chores.

The reading from Genesis today is chapters 15-17. Abram has a visit from God at 99 years of age. He gives Abram a vision – something grand and way beyond Abram’s wildest dreams. He tells Abram that his name is now Abraham, because God has made him a father of many nations. He is going to make him fruitful and his line of descendants will include kings.

At this time in his life, Abraham is OLD. Sarai is OLD. BUT GOD isn’t restrained by our challenges. He changes her name to Sarah and tells Abraham that she will be the mother of many nations. She is in her nineties as well. WAY past childbearing age. But God does things His way, in His time.

We performed 36 horse and mule castrations in 3 days.

I love mission work. I would spend much of my time doing foreign veterinary mission work, but at this stage of my life, my mission field is my home, raising my children. As they have gotten older, I have started to do a little more. I spent a week in Haiti 3 years ago. This past November we had a trip planned to Bolivia to do a swine improvement project, but the political upheaval caused the trip to be postponed.

God has taught me patience (and continues to teach me this). When the time is right, he opens the door and makes it easy. When he closes the door, I must be patient and wait for His timing.

We can’t rush things. God isn’t restricted by time. When He asks, go. But never force it.

The mud is finally clearing up a bit here, so hopefully we can ride some horses tomorrow and get in some family fun time. Our local livestock show is coming up, so clipping cows and pigs will be part of the farm scene over the next week.

For fitness, I got my daily steps in cleaning stalls, milking cows, rotating pastures, and doing laundry. I’m adding some crunches to be intentional.

Praying you are being a blessing to someone near you!

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