Jan 2, 2020 – Day 2

Today has been busy! Isn’t it difficult to be intentional when there are so many distractions?

Faith – Daily Bible Reading Genesis 4 & 5 – The thing that always amazes me is what God says after Cain kills Abel. “What have you done? Listen! your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.”

The earth is alive. The earth is part of God’s creation. It seems to me that the reason we have the earthquakes and natural disasters that we do are from the earth crying out from all of the bloodshed.

Family – My boys went duck hunting today, so I took my daughter to get pedicures.

Today as I was contemplating family, I realized something. When we think of family, many times we think of eating dinner together, going on vacation, or a holiday gathering. Actually family can be described in so many activities. Prepositions are an integral part of family life. There are some things we do WITH our family, like the activities mentioned previously. There are some things we do FOR our family, like provide meals, do laundry, drive children to practice, and more. Some things we do BECAUSE of our family. Parents sacrifice to provide for their families.

So when I think about being intentional with my family, I must be sure they realize these things. It’s easy to get tired from laundry and meal prep, and then actually miss the time to sit and communicate.

The pedicure also counted for my Fun today.

Fitness – I achieved my 10,000 steps today and added in a few exercises. I walked all 6 of our show pigs for the kiddos today. There’s an exercise you only find on a farm.

Friends – Today I actually saw a friend in person, at my house. I’m going to say it counts, even if she came to get medicine for her sick pig.

I even thought up another F – Foreign Language!

I’ve been studying Spanish for many years now. The problem is that you just don’t remember it if you don’t use it. I found a free app called Duolingo several years ago. I am adding those mini spanish lessons to my daily routine.

I’ll try to add a bit of farm as well. (I warned you that I love alliteration.)

Milking the Jersey cow this morning.

The weekend is coming!

LSU has their first gymnastics meet Friday night. Geaux Tigers!

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