Ayrshire Heifer

Our Ayrshire heifer, Lollipop, gave birth (called calving) early Sunday morning, Dec 15.

She was pasture bred – which means she was turned out with a bull. It was a 50% chance she would have a girl (heifer). That’s what we breed for because dairy bulls don’t give milk, therefore can’t be shown.

This beautiful little girl can be shown for many years.

Lolly was a bit unsure of her new baby and needed a little help to get used to her nursing.

We put her in the cattle chute, then put the calf in behind her.

Cows kick to the side, rather than directly behind. This gives the calf a safe space to nurse while mom figures it out.

We administered an extra dose of antibodies in the form of a paste, just to give her a little extra protection on top of the colostrum from the cow.

Monday her poop was quite colorful.

This is from the dye in the supplement to let you know it went completely through her system.

We have had a few cold nights, so Landry sewed her a blanket.

Lollipop will provide more milk than this calf can drink, so we will give her a 2nd orphan calf (they aren’t difficult to find, unfortunately).

Just another picture of our girl!

Merry Christmas!

PS. She doesn’t have a name yet, so we are open for suggestions. 😊

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