Boys that are Reluctant Readers

My eldest, first-born son was a natural reader. He loved books, and we snuggled and read daily.

When my second, more energetic, less likely to sit down and read son arrived, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. He liked to be read to, but didn’t like to sit and read himself.

Here are some things I’ve learned through our journey to reading for my boys:

Boys do tend to like non-fiction. My middle turned from a reluctant reader to an avid reader after a few things. 

1. Read Aloud. We read all Roald Dahl books, including his autobiography.

2. He discovered non-fiction. I prefer fiction, but he’d rather read History.

3. He discovered great books. Schools tend to have books for “reading level” rather than interest. Andrew Clements is a great author for 3rd-6th grade boys. Try reading Frindle out loud with him. You both will enjoy it.

4. Audiobooks. Especially in the car. My kids have “read” a ton of classics that way. Treasure Island, Tarzan, Black Beauty, etc. It also makes for great family car rides.

5. Look at Bill Peet books. My middle’s favorite book was “Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent” for years. He has a ton of fun books with amazing pictures. His autobiography is good as well.

6. Trips to the library and book store. We will have a family trip, and I always lose my kiddos to the books.

7. “The Read Aloud Handbook” by Jim Trelease is a great resource for you.  It changes your view of the importance of reading alone vs. reading together.

Making it a fun, interesting thing rather than something he needs to do. Enjoy reading together. It will come. Some boys read later than others. Just keep encouraging him and don’t let him see you stress over it.

Have fun! There is a world of good books out there!

Happy Reading!!

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