Spring Time!

It’s been a wet, soggy winter here in the south. It’s so nice to have a beautiful week of sunshine and 70 degree weather!

Everything is springing back to life. Potatoes are sprouting. We planted the edges of a raised bed with potatoes since they have a different growing season. We will still be able to plant the center of the bed in beans and okra.

It’s time to weed these potato sprouts and plant the middle of the bed.

We have eggs in the incubator, as the hens have come off of winter strike.

My green onion raised bed has lost soil over the last two years, so we refilled it with compost from the cow hay lot.

I laid down cardboard over the current weeds to kill them naturally. The cardboard will biodegrade while smothering the weeds.

I’m waiting on the green onions to sprout so they will make bulbs. Then we will dog the bulbs and dry them to replant in the fall.

We have two litters of piglets and 10 sows to breed for the fall 4-H crop.

Rodeo season has kicked back off and the horses are getting plenty of exercise.

The pollen is especially heavy right now and everyone is sneezing! We have two older horses with seasonal allergies. They each get 10 cetirizine (generic Zyrtec) every day in their grain. Along with AniHist and oral omega fatty acids, keeping them bathed and under a fan helps with gnats.

This mare is 24 years old. With proper care and feeding, horses (and all of our animals) are living much longer and healthier lives.

Here a video of her just this past weekend.

Please consult with your veterinarian if your older animals aren’t doing well.

Remember that age isn’t a disease!

Happy Spring!

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