Animals and Sunburn

Did you realize that animals can get a sunburn just like people do?

Normally their hair will protect them. However, when we show out animals, we usually clip hair so the judge can assess body condition and conformation.

Here is Landry shaving her Ayrshire heifer, Ollie.

Dairy animals should be rather thin. Not because they aren’t fed well, but because they should expend their energy making milk, rather than muscle.

In order for the judges to assess these criteria, the animals are best shaved to reveal true body shape and condition.

We leave a “top line” to help with the appearance of a super straight, strong back.

We leave the belly hair in heifers to aid in the look of “roominess” to carry a calf.

The thing we must be careful of, is after we return from the show. We had a gorgeous sunny day, and sweet Ollie got a bit too much sun.

We always sunscreen our white show pigs after show, but the weather has been cloudy and rainy.

One sunny day caught us off guard. Now she is being lotioned and having sunscreen applied daily.

Of course it’s raining again, so we will have to be very careful to reapply each day.

Remember that anytime you remove natural hair, you must provide protection from the elements.

Hair is for more than beauty!

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