Trimming Goat Hooves

If you have goats, you will find out that they need hoof care.

In the wild, goats climb rugged terrain and keep their hooves worn down.

On the farm, there are things that cause overgrowth. We provide excellent nutrition for our goats, who would be scavengers in the wild. This good nutrition means good hoof growth.

They have wonderful pastures to walk around without cliffs and rocky terrain.

This results in hooves that need to be trimmed and maintained.

You can see the heels are overgrown and the edges are rolled under.

Goat hoof trimmers are extremely sharp. They function much like pruning shears.

Be very careful not to cut or stab yourself.

You can lay them down or trim them standing with their head tied up and braced.

You want to be sure the toe is clean and the hoof is level.

The hoof on the ground should mirror the coronet band.

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