Jellybean, the Red Brahma Heifer

I’m updating you on Jellybean. She is growing up! She’s strong on her legs now, and she’s running around the pasture with the other calves.

Did you know that she doesn’t have any top front teeth? Ruminating animals like deer, sheep, goats, cattle, etc have a dental pad in the place of top front incisors.

She does have a full set of lower front teeth. These are baby teeth and will be replaced by adult teeth when she becomes mature. These teeth are lost over the ages of 2-5 years old. That’s a way to estimate the age of mature cattle.

She is very bonded with us, and only looks to the cow as a food source. We must be careful with this, as when she’s full grown and weighs over 1,000 pounds, she must not be pushy and disrespectful. It would make her dangerous.

We will start her on a halter soon!

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