October Saturday 

The fall is a busy time for us. We have sold all the piglets that we won’t keep to show. That means the show barn is set up and each piglet has its own pen with shavings, water, and a tailored feeding program. 

We are bathing both dairy cattle and piglets once or twice weekly. 

The summer grass is dying, so we planted winter rye grass. 

The cooler temperatures brought an unexpected (unwelcome) guest to our carport as well. 

I don’t mind snakes, but rattlesnakes on the carport can’t stay. 

We began to shave the Ayrshire Heifer today. 

It tends to get hairy!

We got a little calf-roping practice in too, as we have a high school rodeo in the morning. 

So that’s all for now. I’ll post further details on dairy show prep this week. 

Happy Fall!! 

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