Farrowing Update 7/23

We moved 2 more Sows into the farrowing crates. 

This first one is a Duroc gilt (a young female pig that hasn’t given birth yet). 

Duroc are always red in color (ranging from light golden to deep mahogany) with floppy ears. 

Durocs are known for good muscle quality and rapid growth rate. 

This second sow is a Crossbred. Market crosses are an ideal mixture of purebreds, blending the  best of all traits. 

We call these terminal market crosses because they are only bred for meat quality with no regard for maternal ability. 

Sometimes we raise really nice crossbred gilts that we keep to breed. If they have nice litters and are good mothers, then we will continue to breed them. 

This is Innis:

Tho other two sows are still waiting patiently for their piglets to arrive. 

Here’s a picture of Jena’s “baby bump”

We should have a litter or two by tomorrow!

You can follow our Deep South Showstock page on Facebook. I’ll try to “go live” if the Internet cooperates. 

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