TV or Teenage Boy?

We canceled our Direct TV.  Have you seen the bill lately?  Over $100 every month just to have background noise.  $100 a month can do a lot of things, especially in a place like Haiti.  My fellow veterinarian and friend, Dr Kelly Crowdis, is a missionary there with Christian Veterinary Missions.  This is an amazing organization full of veterinarians serving in areas where animals are still a huge part of daily survival.  Here is a link to the work they do:

Christian Veterinary Mission Website

I was in Haiti the first week of January and saw the poverty there, as well as the devastation from Hurricane Matthew (which they are still recovering from – think Hurrican Katrina). I met this 13 yr old boy who has the title of “street boy”, which means he’s been living on his own from a very young age, existing any way he can.  Dr. Crowdis has goat projects for young people, and she met him through one of her projects.  He had never been to school, as it isn’t required by the government, costs money, and requires special uniforms and shoes.

She managed to get him plugged into a school, but he was not doing well, as he still had the influence of the other street boys and was a 13 yr old boy in a 2nd-grade classroom.  He was in trouble constantly (only teen boy things), and got kicked out of his boarding school.

Dr. Crowdis and I discussed what could be done.  There is a country school that would get him out of his environment, but he would need a place to stay.  I asked, “If you can find him a ‘foster home’ that will take him in and get him enrolled in the school in the country, how much would it cost?”  She thought about it.  $100 a month.  To feed, clothe, and send this boy (the same age as my middle son) to school.

My family already sponsors 3 other children through different organizations, but how could I not help him?  So the $100 per month that was going to our background entertainment will now go to support this Hatian boy that just needs a helping hand.

We weren’t sure if he would like it or stay, but we had to try.  So far so good.  After the first month, he asked for his own goat and school uniforms.  This is a huge step toward having a vision for his future.  He now understands the need for school and a way to make a living. I pray for him daily, that God will be ever-present in his life, as an orphan and someone who’s never known a father, and very little of a mother.  We take it month-by-month and pray that he continues to make good decisions for himself.

Please consider your budget and see if you can help somewhere as well.  There are plenty of needs, and we have so many blessings.  If you’ve never been to Haiti, or any other impoverished country, please plan to go, or support someone that is going.  We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  A preacher once said, “We are all called to Give or to Go.  If you aren’t going, you should be giving.”

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