Potato Planting Time

It’s time to plant potatoes in south Louisiana. We don’t have much winter here, and February is usually the last of it.

Marty tilled up my garden spot, where we did have lettuce and carrots. Then he made 5 rows, each 45 ft long.

We purchase seed potatoes from our local co-op/farm supply store. They are treated with a drying agent to prevent rot. That can be a problem in our moist soil.

Each seed potato should have an “eye” or sprout. That gets planted facing up, as the green plant will grow from there.

We planted about 10 days ago, giving each plant 12 inches of space. We should begin to see sprigs of green in a few more days.

I’ll keep you posted. We are on our way to our nearby dairy farm to pick up a Jersey bull calf to put on our cow, as the last one is big enough to be weaned and put with the roping calves.

This is Freckles, the Ayrshire steer calf, with the white patch. Tiki, the Jersey Heifer, will get to continue nursing (show calf privileges).

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