Puppy Teeth at 3-4 months

This sweet girl is so loved in our home!  She is an American Bulldog and was born October 10, 2016. 

Her 4 month old birthday is coming, which means she should have lost her puppy incisors over the last few weeks. She now has almost her complete set of adult incisors. 

She has a top lateral incisor that you can see hasn’t grown in yet, but there is a hole where the baby (puppy) tooth fell out. The bottom lateral incisor is still her puppy one. The others are all “big girl teeth”. 

She will lose her canines at 6 months old. She will also lose back teeth, but those are less noticeable. 

She also has a slight underbite, which is pretty typical for any Bulldog breed. 

So chew she must!! Growing teeth is hard work. 

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