Downer Cow Part 2

Day 2 

Our cow is still unable to stand. We picked her up again. She fell down. She is very weak. While exploring options for why, we discussed the possibility of parasites, or maybe even twins, sapping all of her strength. 


Day 3

She went into labor. We had to help her deliver a tiny heifer calf. 

Heifer is the proper term for a female that has not given birth. A cow, by definition, is a female that has given birth. 

When I checked again, she had a 2nd calf in the birth canal. We helped her deliver the 2nd calf, also a heifer. 

Twin heifers are rare and great!  If a heifer is born twin to a bull calf, she will almost always be unable to breed. The term for that is “freemartin” and is very frustrating.  Sterile females are never a good thing. 

The cow is still unable to stand on her own, so the calves are unable to nurse. They must have colostrum. 

I will start another post all about colostrum. 

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