Milk Cow

Meet Autumn. She’s our resident Jersey cow. She started out 5 years ago as a young heifer 4-H project. 

Since then, she has had 3 calves, won the Louisiana State Fair (along with numerous 4-H awards), and is currently in her 3rd lactation. 

She produces high quality, high fat milk. It is how we are feeding the orphan piglets. I’m mixing fresh raw milk, a raw egg, and local raw honey. They are growing and doing well. 

She is nursing 2 calves right now. They stay separate except for twice a day when we let the calves nurse. If we need milk, the calves skip a feeding (they get grain instead of milk), and we keep the milk. This morning she gave me 2 1/2 gallons of milk. 

The boys are excited for fresh, homemade eggnog!

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