Orange Trees & Christmas Lights 

Here in south Louisiana, we live right on the northern edge of the citrus tree growing area. We can grow Meyer lemons, kumquats, satsumas, and navel oranges. 

Most winters there are only a few hard freezes, and usually not enough to kill these citrus trees. However, a few winters back, it did not reach above freezing temps for 48 hours. I lost my two beautiful navel orange trees that were producing around 30 oranges each. 

I replanted, then set about looking for a way to keep them warm on the coldest nights.  The “magic”?  Old, hot, outdoor Christmas lights!

Those lights produce enough heat to keep my trees from freezing. We wrap them when winter sets in, which is no easy task with the thorns. Then plug in anytime the temp drops below 40*F. 

My trees have been happy with their lights, and I think they may share a little Christmas cheer as well. Even through February. 

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