Heat lamps, hay, and oxytocin 

Cleo has delivered 7 healthy piglets: 5 gilts (girls) and 2 boars (boys). Newborn piglets can’t regulate their body temp when they are born. We provide heat lamps and hay for bedding so that they can maintain their body temperature. That, along with a belly full of warm sow colostrum, provides a great start to a healthy life. 

Piglets are born with the umbilical cord still attached to the placenta. They will jump up and try to go nurse while still tethered to mom. The cord has a natural breaking point, and will eventually snap, allowing the newborn the freedom to run around. 

Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone that provides uterine contractions and milk letdown. At times, the sow will get tired and stop pushing. If a piglet isn’t born within 20 minutes of the last piglet’s birth, it’s likely time for oxytocin. It causes uterine contractions to push the next baby through the birth canal. 

Navel cords will be clipped short and treated with iodine. Tomorrow we give iron injections, clip those razor sharp needle teeth, and retreat navels with iodine. 

See you then!

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