Teenage Boys

I’m so blessed by my teen boys!  I know people who fuss about teens, but around here, they are such a great help!  This morning, my 16 yr old hooked up to the horse trailer, followed me to the mechanic shop to drop off my car, and stayed at home to do school work while I took his brother & sister to the arena to ride. 

My two boys can handle all barn chores, load and unload feed sacks, put out hay with the tractor, and put deer meat in our freezer (Dad helps skin & process). 

Do they eat a lot?  YES!  They eat all the things!!  But I love cooking big meals for them. It’s hard to believe that little picky toddler now asks for 2nd (and 3rds) of most any food laid before him. 

So don’t mourn the passing of the toddler stage. Enjoy every second and welcome the next stage of life. You will find your baby is turning into a treasured friend. 

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