August 4, 2020 – How we use PowerHomeschool

I’d like to share the way we use a really inexpensive, super helpful, online resource. PowerHomeschool is a separate piece of the online school, Acellus Academy. I do not choose online schools because I like to set my own hours, pick different courses, and be very individualized in our education.

However, Power Homeschool allows you access to all of those classes that are provided by the online school. You can choose ANY 7 classes for $25/month. You are not locked into the school year. You can pause or cancel your subscription any time. There is no live component – all the classes are short and pre-recorded. This allows people with slower internet the ability to access online classes.

“Since Power Homeschool is a parent-support program and not a school, we are not eligible to pursue accreditation. The purpose of our program is to provide curriculum and support to families who are homeschooling.

Many parents who decide to homeschool will create their own diploma when the student is ready to graduate. The U.S. military and many universities have adopted policies that recognize homeschool diplomas issued by parents.

For parents who prefer to have their student graduate with a diploma from an accredited online school, we recommend Acellus Academy. For more information, visit:

I also choose “tutor mode”. This allows you to see a list of all the topics for every class. You can choose any workbook from any curriculum, then go to the topic of the day in Power Homeschool. You can show the lesson to your children, then allow them to proceed with the workbook pages you have available.

High School Physics – Tutor mode
7th grade math

So you can see here in 7th grade math that my daughter has skipped the videos and simply taken the quizzes. You can do that too, especially if you know your child has this concept mastered already. You can move through the course as quickly or as slowly as you need.

Where you see “Multiples of 8” – That is a little math game to reinforce math concepts. That’s a bonus rather than a separate lesson.

I also like tutor mode because I can plan our year. Here is a picture of the end of high school chemistry:

Now – There are 398 things listed here. For the most part, you can half that to get numbers of lessons because each lesson is followed by a quiz, so let’s say 398 divided by 2 – That’s 199 “days” of work. We are required to do 180 days. So now what?

Well, you need to double up one day a week. That builds in extra time for testing and missed days for unexpected life emergencies. So choose, let’s say – Tuesday – to do two lessons of Chemistry.

In the elementary classes, there may be 500 lessons. Again, this is because there are reinforcement games built in. Those aren’t a separate day – just a bonus.

So you can use these classes as a full class to be done daily, or as a “help” to support your chosen workbooks. At $25/month, it’s so inexpensive and like having a “teacher” in your corner.

You can choose many electives like music, art, introductory Spanish (which is listed in middle school, but is totally appropriate for elementary), engineering, and more.

For high school, you can choose technical programs, AP programs, foreign language, and much more.

Here are some examples of your choices:

preschool and elementary classes
middle school classes
high school classes
more high school classes

Notice the class variety – Agriculture, Electrical, Plumbing, Spanish, German, French, Music, Art, Computer Science, Psychology, Personal Finance, and more. So many opportunities exist in this amazing world of homeschool!

And again, I don’t park my kiddos in front of the computer all day every day. We use this as a backbone or a helping hand. We read, we field trip, we use workbooks, we grow fruits and veggies, we ride horses, we milk cows, we feed chickens and collect eggs.

We do LIFE together! Learning is a lifelong endeavor and getting to continuously learn alongside of your children is an honor and a privilege not many people enjoy.

Happy Homeschooling!

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