Reptiles 🦎 

What exactly is a reptile?  By general definition, a reptile is an animal with a backbone that hatches from an egg, has scales, and is cold blooded.   Cold blooded animals can’t control their body temperature; therefore they are seen sunning on warm rocks, as well as hibernating in the winter.

Here are some examples from our recent visit to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.

This snake is a “siamese twin”.  The embryo tried to split into two separate snakes but did not finish.  The result is a two-headed curiosity.

Albinos are rare in the wild because the normal camouflage color of the animal is lacking.  This alligator lives a safe, protected life at the zoo. 

This is another abnormality I noticed in a tank of growing alligators.  If you will notice the difference between the eye above and the eye below, you will see the iris is missing.  My zoo veterinary friend says alligators do well without a proper lens, so this little guy should not have a problem.

Reptiles are a fascinating category of animals.  Please be safe this spring as they all come out from their winter hibernating spots and are looking for food!


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